About MO Honey

What makes our honey so good that you can even taste the flowers?

For starters we use a Warre hive.

We don’t have a need to visually inspect the queen.  You probably see these monkey bee keepers on YouTube all the time.  You can see them wanting to open the hive boxes and show you the queen.  That is the dumbest thing to do for the health of a hive.  Frequent opening of the hive is not good for the atmosphere of the hive.  The bees communicate in their environment and when you want to see the queen you violate their process thereby stressing the hive.  This form of stress is also responsible for the spreading of hive beetles or moths.  The bees have hive beetles cornered and when you open the hive they now can hide from the bees that were keeping them at bay.

More information coming soon

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