The 8th Hive

This is a story about how our 8th hive came to be (pun intended).

The story goes like this.  The first 7 hives we had purchased from other bee keepers.  We had started with two then got two more then got three.  The 8th hive was to be a hive that we decided we didn’t want to buy.  The significance of 8 is very important since from my Spiritual understanding of The Bible there is an 8th day.  The first seven days are recorded in Genesis and the 8th day is the day of eternity.  That is why 8 is also the number of infinity.  For scientists the infinity symbol is death because it is impossible to define infinity like infinite mass…  OK OK enough about infinity had to toss that in for the science people.

Back to 8th hive.  We had a swarm in the end of July however they didn’t stay around long enough for us me to get home to get them.  Now in hindsight that would make sense since the 8th hive would have to come from outside of our will.  If it was one of our hives then it is still within our will as we willed to buy the first 7 hives.

We get a call from a woman named Elizabeth.  While Elizabeth gives me the details and her address had an instant connection that this was interesting.  You see when you read “El” there is always the connection to “Elohim” from The Bible.  Any word with “EL” makes me take notice.  Remember 8 identifies with God and EL is also a shortened form of The Name of God Elohim.  Ok you might say am stretching however this is my story and it gets better.  Mind you totally true!  Had informed Elizabeth about the “EL” and this would be the 8th hive.  Yes she thought was a cracked pot but hey it was still funny.

We pull up to the house and behold there is a yellow pickup in the driveway.  Which again could have been a coincidence however on the sides of this pickup you read “Bumble Bee” and an image of a bee on both sides of the truck and the back.  This is no longer a coincidence.  There are just too many things that are more than a coincidence.  Let me run down the list for ya.

This would be our 8th hive.

Elizabeth is the woman’s name

She lives on Elm Street

The Yellow Truck that belonged to her husband had “Bumble Bee” and a bee on both sides and the back of the truck.

August is the 8th Month!

We went there on the 22nd of August to leave the bee hives and picked up the hives on the 24th of August.  3 X 8 = 24 and 2 X 4 = 8

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